DEAR Corona

A visual diary of self-isolation

DEAR CORONA is part of ‘PLEASE DON’T TOUCH’, a cooperation between artists collective ROEM and the Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Over the course of one month the 12 artists created art about the ongoing Corona crisis, which resulted in very different projects.

Mid may all of them can be found spread around the city of Leiden (NL) for people to discover while walking around.


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About the artist


Johanna Breuch, was born in 1990 in Germany and came to the Netherlands in 2010 to study Art & Crossmedia Design at the AKI ArtEZ in Enschede.

After that, while working as an in-house Graphic Designer, she started to develop her illustration skills further. She specializes in creating illustrations of cats, digitally or with watercolor and gouache.

She also loves to screen-print.